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We deliver.

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Expect awesome.


our m.o.

our m.o.

You deserve connection.


Our way of doing business...our work style...our modus operandi. It's believing we're better together. Our circle extends beyond our team, and we understand that we are all unique. For that reason, we've created an environment where everyone is welcomed, comfortable, and valued. We've developed intentional relationships that are give-give and we pledge to collaborate with a community of people who value one another. Our clients benefit from our commitment to creating long-lasting relationships built on genuineness, respect, and kindness.

Our operation is all about that!

our work

our work

You deserve big results.

It's the small things that get you there!

The detailed, deliberate, consistent work we provide for every project we work on… from 400 SF to 40,000 SF… from building standard to high end… ensures that the results you count on are prioritized throughout your experience with Go Studio. It’s true whether it’s for a one time design project for your office or 20 years of designing for your office building.


Engaged at every stage, our team cares about the fine points, the process, the journey, and the outcomes. We focus on the specifics and won’t leave things to chance, because we know our work brings vision to life.

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You deserve a great experience.

our story

That's why we're here!

Go Studio founder Bretta Maldonado began her career as a staff interior designer for one of the largest real estate development companies in the country. There she learned that every tenant has different objectives and that her role as a designer impacted the experience of everyone involved in a project. By way of good design, time management, sensitivity to budget, and strong communication, she dedicated her career to ensuring that her clients’ specific experience was at the forefront of every project. This dedication turned into her purpose for starting Go Studio in 2002.


Bretta envisioned a way of doing business so that awesome experiences would be had by all that encounter the firm. The value Go Studio places on relationships, authenticity, and a “loving what you do and doing what you love” mentality plays a big part in achieving that vision. Equally important, she just wanted a place where she and others would simply enjoy going to work!


With you in mind, the Go Studio team has embraced all of these ideas, knowing the results will mean success for all.

our story
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